Máy nén khí trục vít không dầu Atlas Copco AQ 30-55 kW / 40-75 hp

Máy nén khí trục vít không dầu Atlas Copco AQ 30-55 kW / 40-75 hp

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Powerful oil-free air
When it comes to clean, oil-free compressed air, you cannot affordto compromise on quality. Over the past decades, Atlas Copco has pioneered the development of oil-free air screw technology,resulting in a full range of compressors delivering 100% oil-free,clean air. Setting the standard for air purity through ISO 8573-1 CLASS 0 certification, the AQ water-injected screwcompressors, available in water-cooled and air-cooled versions,meet your precise needs for pure oil-free air while offering high-pressure capability and improved energy efficiency.
Engineered to meet your needs
At Atlas Copco we aim to provide you with compressors that fulfilland even exceed your expectations and demands. Built as the resultof decades of experience in oil-less design and manufacturing, the AQ oil-free range of water-injected screw compressors gives youall of this experience and knowledge in a class leading package.
Proven technology
At the heart of the new AQ range is a unique water-injected screw element producing highly efficient near isothermal compression. The polymer ceramic rotors with their optimized rotor profile are supported by water-lubricated bearings, ensuring that no oilcontaminates the compression element, thereby producing pure oil-free air.
Exceptional versatility 
Contrary to traditional compressor set-ups, Atlas Copco’s AQ WorkPlace Air System compressors effortlessly fit onto your work floor.With their compact footprint and integration of air treatment equipment, AQ compressors ensure optimum efficiency and reliability. Designed to give the most versatile source of compressed air, they provide you with an all-in-one package that will have your production running smoothly for years to come.
Limiting energy costs
As energy can represent over 70% of a compressor’s lifecycle costs(LCC), optimizing energy consumption is essential. In fact, consideringthat the generation of compressed air can account for more than40% of a plant’s total electricity bill, it is even crucial. With Atlas Copco’sVSD (Variable Speed Drive) technology, we provide you with a partneron the road to unrivalled cost savings. By mirroring compressed airdemand, the AQ make major energy savings a reality.
VSD: maximizing efficiency, saving energy
In your competitive production environment, being able to reducecosts is one of your main concerns. With VSD technology you obtainenergy savings that will greatly downsize your electricity bill. By automatically tuning compressor capacity to the precise air demand, only a minimum amount of energy is required. The resulting energy savings benefit you as well as the environment, safeguarding a healthy future for the generations to come.

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